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Hold onto your wallets, folks!

The Narcissist And Money Control Circus is in town and, boy, do they have tricks up their sleeves!

From financial gaslighting to “generosity” with more strings than a puppet show, this article unpacks 10 manipulation techniques narcissists use to make Fort Knox look like a piggy bank.

Short answer: Narcissists use money control to maintain power and feed their ego. 🎩💰

Reasons to Keep Reading:

  • Unmask hidden manipulation tactics
  • Empower your financial independence
  • Defend against economic exploitation
  • Discover the art of financial boundaries

What is Narcissism?

Alright, gather round folks, let’s start by untangling this big, fancy word: Narcissism. A narcissist is like that person at the party who keeps talking about themselves and simply can’t get enough of their own reflection. Seriously though, it’s an actual personality disorder, characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Narcissists tend to believe they’re superior, and why wouldn’t they? In their eyes, they are practically demigods.

But wait, there’s more! The world of narcissism isn’t just all about taking selfies and talking about one’s greatness. There’s a dark side, my friends. Some narcissists use sneaky manipulation tactics to control those around them, which brings us to our golden nugget: Narcissist and Money Control.

Introducing the concept of money as a control tool

Now, just imagine that narcissist we talked about wielding the power of money like Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. Terrifying, isn’t it? Money control is when someone, often a narcissist, uses financial means as a whip to control and manipulate another person. Financial dominance and economic exploitation become their best pals. They would win gold if “Financial Manipulation Olympics” were a thing.

Here’s a taste of what’s on the Narcissist and Money Control menu:

  • Financial Gaslighting: This is where they make you doubt your own financial sanity. Like a puppeteer, they pull strings to make you think your financial decisions are bananas.
  • Financial Dependency: They want you to be dependent on them, like a smartphone running out of battery searching for a power outlet. Oh, the horror!
  • Financial Deception and Lack of Transparency: This is when they engage in some sneaky, under-the-table shenanigans and keep you in the dark about financial matters.

The thing is, narcissists don’t come with warning labels. There are no neon signs flashing, “Caution! Economic Exploitation Ahead!” They’re crafty. They weave an intricate web of financial deception, and before you know it, they’re sitting on a throne made of your financial self-worth.

So, dear reader, arm yourself with knowledge and awareness. Understanding the nexus between Narcissist and Money Control is like having the Infinity Stones against the narcissist’s antics. Onward, brave soul! Your financial independence and empowerment await. Remember, with great financial power comes great responsibility. 😉

The Web of Narcissist Lies To Control You

The Narcissist And Money Control 10 Manipulation Techniques

Identifying Lies

Okay, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of the web of lies the narcissist spins. Imagine you’re a detective with a magnifying glass, on the hunt for the truth! In the twisted game of Narcissist and Money Control, the lies can be as thick as the plot of a telenovela. So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

  • Financial Red Flags: Did they promise you a villa and delivered a shed? Watch for discrepancies between what they promise and what actually materializes.
  • Financial Transparency, or Lack Thereof: If they’re acting like their finances are guarded by the Secret Service, you’ve got a red flag waving at you.
  • Changing Stories: If their financial story changes more frequently than fashion trends, you might be dealing with financial deception.

Manipulation Techniques

Let’s put the spotlight on the crafty tactics of manipulation that narcissists often deploy.

  • Financial Gaslighting: They might tell you that you don’t remember financial agreements correctly or that your financial memory is as reliable as a sieve.
  • Financial Sabotage: They’ll try to torpedo your financial independence faster than you can say “Titanic”.
  • Financial Coercion: They may use money as a weapon, demanding that you do their bidding in exchange for financial crumbs.

It’s like they’re performing a dark magic act – with your money.

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

Relating Lies to Money Control

Now, let’s connect the dots between the lies and Narcissist and Money Control. The narcissist uses lies as a Trojan horse to infiltrate your financial defenses. Once inside, they start establishing financial dominance and power. It’s like they’re playing a strategy board game with your life.

The lies serve to keep you off-balance, while their financial control tactics ensure that they maintain the upper hand. They might create financial dependency by controlling your access to funds, or engage in economic exploitation by using your assets for their benefit without your consent. Financial entitlement becomes their middle name, and your financial empowerment and self-worth start to erode.

But worry not, dear reader! Forewarned is forearmed. When you understand the playbook, you can start planning your counter-attack for financial recovery and resilience. In the wise words of Sun Tzu, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

As you navigate this storm, remember to stand firm and seek support. Your financial healing and independence are treasures worth fighting for. 💪🏆

Understanding Narcissists and Their Money Habits

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

Well hello there! Ready to dive into the pockets and piggy banks of narcissists? Oh, what a rollercoaster that can be! Buckle up as we decipher the mysterious relationship between a narcissist and money control.

Why Is the Narcissist Obsessed With Money?

You might wonder why narcissists seem like they’re married to their money. For a narcissist, money isn’t just green paper; it’s a magical wand they can wave to make people jump. Money offers the delicious trio they crave – power, control, and adulation. With cash, they can buy their way into being the center of attention and manipulate the strings of relationships. It’s like Monopoly, but with real emotions at stake.

Let’s not forget that narcissists often see themselves as royalty in a land of peasants. And what’s royalty without a heap of gold? Money is their crown, and they will guard it with their lives.

Why Are Narcissists Bad With Money?

In the bizarre world of narcissists, being bad with money isn’t a rare trait. It’s like they were out sick when life gave the “Financial Responsibility 101” lecture. Many narcissists engage in financial deception and often, the dreaded financial sabotage. They love showing off, and they’ll spend lavishly to maintain their grandiose self-image. Buying a golden toilet seat? Sounds reasonable to them!

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

However, the combination of recklessness and a distorted sense of financial entitlement can often lead to a rapid evaporation of funds. But shhh, they won’t admit it. Their money management resembles a pirate who doesn’t realize his treasure chest has a hole in it.

Are Narcissists Generous With Money?

Is water dry? Often not, but there are exceptions. Narcissists can be generous with money, but it usually comes with strings attached like a puppeteer controlling his marionette. They may use gifts and financial support to manipulate and establish control in relationships. This financial power play is like their version of chess; they give you a pawn but keep the queen.

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

But wait, there’s more! They may remind you of their generosity at every opportunity, expecting eternal gratitude. It’s as if they give you a candy bar and expect a parade in their honor.

So, while they might sometimes be as generous as a kid in a candy store, it’s prudent to remember that behind this generosity, there’s often a master plan to reinforce their financial dominance.

And there you have it – a sneak peek into the financial diaries of narcissists. Proceed with caution and goggles, because this is one messy affair!

Is There a Difference Between Types of Narcissists?

Hello again, brave souls! Did you think all narcissists were cut from the same expensive cloth? Oh, dear no. There are different species in the wild kingdom of narcissism. So, get your binoculars ready as we venture into the labyrinthine jungle of narcissist types and how they swing through the vines of money control.

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

The Covert Narcissist and Money

Whisper it – covert narcissist. Sounds like a secret agent, doesn’t it? In the world of money control, they kind of are. These sneaky characters are the masters of financial gaslighting. Covert narcissists don’t wear their love of money on their sleeve; they’re more subtle. Like ninjas, they operate in the shadows, sometimes playing the victim, often being the silent manipulators.

Don’t be fooled, though. They’re not after your heart; it’s your wallet they’re wooing. They might persuade you to make terrible investments, or magically have you pay for everything. Oh, and their middle name is “Financial Sabotage”. They’ll quietly undermine your financial independence, and before you know it, you’re in financial quicksand with no branch in sight.

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

The Cerebral Narcissist and Money

Enter the brainiac of the narcissist world – the cerebral narcissist. For them, money is an IQ test they must ace. They love to show off their financial acumen as much as bodybuilders love flexing in the mirror. They pride themselves on their superior knowledge and often use complex financial jargon to confuse and control others.

But wait, there’s a catch. While they are often genuinely savvy with money, their control tactics can lead to economic exploitation of others. They might lure you into schemes that benefit them at your expense. Their mantra? “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is also mine, but only if it makes me look smart.”

The Female Narcissist and Money

Ah, the siren of the narcissistic ocean – the female narcissist. Often underestimated, but make no mistake, she can outdo the fellas at the money control game. For female narcissists, financial power is a glittering tiara they must wear at all times.

Female Narcissist And Money Control
Female Narcissist And Money Control

They might engage in financial manipulation patterns, demanding extravagant gifts as proof of love. They’re adept at financial coercion, ensuring that they remain in a dominant position. They might marry or date solely for financial gain and wouldn’t blink twice before financially bulldozing anyone who stands in their way.

But fear not, with the knowledge of their tactics, you can become immune to their financial enchantments.

And there you have it, a safari through the exotic world of narcissists and money. Remember to wear protective gear, and never trade your financial self-worth for a ticket into their gilded cages. Keep that financial compass pointing towards independence and empowerment, and you’ll navigate through safe and sound.

Money Control Tactics of a Narcissist

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

So, my dear Watson, we’re hot on the trail of the Narcissist and Money Control mystery. Let’s peel back the curtain on the tactics they use to keep you dancing to their tune. It’s like they’re the puppet master in a sinister money marionette show.

Financial Gaslighting

Financial gaslighting deserves an Oscar for its performance in the Narcissist and Money Control theatre. It’s where the narcissist manipulates you into doubting your own financial reality.

Examples of Financial Gaslighting:

  • “You never budget correctly.”
  • “Don’t you remember? You agreed to pay this bill!” (when you never did)
  • Making you believe that you are financially inept

Before you know it, your financial self-worth is as shaky as a house of cards in a tornado.

Exploitation and Dependency

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

Oh, the dastardly duo! Narcissists are adept at creating a cycle of exploitation and dependency.

  • Exploitation: Using your financial resources without your consent, or coercing you into financial decisions.
  • Dependency: Making sure you rely on them financially. It’s like they’re the bank, and you’re forever in debt.

This cycle is as vicious as a hungry shark in a feeding frenzy.

Withholding Resources

The narcissist might withhold financial resources like a dragon hoarding treasure. It’s one of their favorite control tactics.

  • Restricting access to joint bank accounts
  • Giving you an “allowance” that’s tighter than skinny jeans on a sumo wrestler
  • Denying you financial information

This financial dominance is designed to keep you in check and powerless.

Female Narcissist And Money Control
Female Narcissist And Money Control

Sabotaging Financial Independence

And last, but definitely not least, the narcissist might sabotage your financial independence like a pro.

  • Discouraging or forbidding you from working
  • Running up debts in your name
  • Destroying your credit score

Their aim is to make sure you can’t cut the financial umbilical cord.

You see, the Narcissist and Money Control game is like a twisted maze where you’re always hitting dead ends. But by understanding their tactics – financial gaslighting, exploitation, withholding resources, and sabotaging financial independence – you can start drawing your own map out of the labyrinth.

Narcissist And Money Control
Narcissist And Money Control

Think of yourself as the financial Indiana Jones, ready to outwit traps and overcome challenges on your quest for the ultimate treasure: your financial freedom and empowerment. Now, go forth and conquer! 🎩🗺️💪

Psychological Aspects of Financial Manipulation

Sherlock Holmes had his magnifying glass, and we’ve got psychology to help us delve deeper into the Narcissist and Money Control mystery. Let’s put on our thinking caps and explore the dark psychological underbelly of financial manipulation.

Fear and Insecurity

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the crafty Narcissist’s two-headed monster: Fear and Insecurity!

Narcissists are like master chefs, adept at whipping up a spicy mix of fear and insecurity. They use financial deception as the secret sauce to keep you second-guessing yourself.

  1. Generating Financial Anxiety: “Oh, darling, did you know that 99% of individuals don’t save enough for retirement? We’re doomed!” Cue dramatic music. They’ll present the worst-case scenario, like it’s the only dish on the menu.
  2. Insecurity Over Financial Decisions: They’ll make you feel like a confused squirrel in the middle of traffic when it comes to money. The narcissist might criticize your choices and create doubt about your financial acumen.

Remember, fear is a powerful motivator, and when you’re scared, you’re easier to control. It’s the narcissist’s ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card in the Monopoly of Money Control.

Dependency and Self-Worth

Next, let’s meet the conjoined twins of the Narcissist and Money Control circus: Dependency and Self-Worth!

  1. Creating Financial Dependency: Narcissists want you to believe that without them, you’re a financial trainwreck waiting to happen. They’re like that devious GPS system that keeps recalculating your route even when you know where you’re going.
  2. Eroding Self-Worth: They’ll try to deflate your financial self-worth until it’s flatter than a pancake. Expect comments like, “You’d be penniless if it weren’t for me.”

Dependency and eroded self-worth make you cling to the narcissist like a lifeline, but remember, you’re the captain of your financial ship.

Female Narcissist And Money Control
Female Narcissist And Money Control

Navigating the treacherous waters of Narcissist and Money Control can feel like crossing the Bermuda Triangle on a paddleboard. But, armed with knowledge and understanding of the psychological tricks in their book, you can steer clear of the whirlpools and sail towards financial independence and self-empowerment. May the financial force be with you! 🚤🌊💡

Protecting Yourself from a Narcissist’s Financial Control

Hold on to your piggy banks and rev up your financial engines, because it’s time to plot your escape from the “Narcissist and Money Control” roller coaster.

Establishing Financial Boundaries

Let’s begin by setting up the electric fences: Financial Boundaries!

  1. Get a Money Makeover: Refresh your financial wardrobe. Open your bank account if you don’t have one. Remember, it’s the financial equivalent of changing your locks.
  2. Financial Accountability Is the New Black: Keep track of your income and expenses. Wield your budget like a lightsaber against the dark forces of financial manipulation.
  3. Financial Independence – Your Golden Goose: Channel your inner Scrooge McDuck and work towards financial independence.
  4. Practice saying “NO”: Sometimes it’s okay to be a Negative Nancy. Don’t let the narcissist guilt you into financial decisions that don’t serve you.
  5. Use a Password Manager: Because your memory is for fun stuff, like the lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” not for keeping track of all your passwords.

Remember, your money is YOUR hard-earned cash, not Monopoly money for the narcissist to play with.

Female Narcissist And Money Control
Female Narcissist And Money Control

If the narcissist’s financial shenanigans were a dish, they’d be a casserole of chaos. Time to call in the Gordon Ramsay of law!

  1. Know Your Rights: Channel your inner lawyer – even if the closest you’ve come to a court is binge-watching “Suits.”
  2. Gather Evidence: Like a squirrel storing nuts for winter, gather every piece of financial document. Statements, bills, the fortune from your last fortune cookie – everything!
  3. Consult an Attorney: Find a legal eagle who specializes in financial abuse. Share your hoard of evidence and let them loose!

Building a Support System

No one is an island, especially when swimming away from the “Narcissist and Money Control” island. You need a lifeboat and some friendly shipmates.

  1. Find Your Cheerleading Squad: Surround yourself with friends and family who can offer support, without the pom-poms unless that’s your thing.
  2. Support Groups and Counseling: Sometimes, a bunch of strangers who’ve been through the same financial gladiator arena can offer the best armor and weapons.
  3. Financial Literacy and Empowerment: There are resources galore for financial recovery and resilience. This is your Hogwarts letter to a world of financial magic and empowerment.

Hocus Pocus, let’s stay focused! It’s time to conjure up your inner financial warrior and shatter the chains of Narcissist and Money Control. Remember, the best revenge is living well, and nothing says living well like financial freedom and a pocket full of change. Keep the change, dear reader! 🎩💰🔮

The Path to Recovery and Independence

Female Narcissist And Money Control
Female Narcissist And Money Control

In the wake of parting ways with your friendly neighborhood narcissist, your wallet might feel like it just completed a marathon – tired, empty, and in desperate need of attention. But fear not! We’re here to roll out the financial red carpet to recovery and independence.

Financial Planning

Like a toddler stacking blocks, let’s build your financial future one step at a time.

  1. The Budget Makeover: Give your budget a splash of control and a pinch of savings. Be the Gordon Ramsay of your finances, and toss out the unwanted expenditures with a ‘What is this rubbish?’
  2. Financial Independence, Here We Come!: Start saving and investing. Even if your saving starts with a piggy bank or a mattress stash, you’re on your way to be the Scrooge McDuck of your money vault.
  3. Financial Self-Worth is Priceless: Understand the value of your financial contribution and don’t let anyone undermine it. It’s like your grandmother’s secret recipe – unique and invaluable.
  4. Financial Education is Your BFF: Grab books, attend seminars, or join online communities. Become the Hermione Granger of personal finance.

Therapy and Counseling

Alright, let’s talk about feeling the feels after the financial hurricane that the narcissist might have left behind.

  1. It’s Okay to Ask for Help: It’s like calling tech support for your soul. Consult a therapist or counselor who specializes in financial abuse.
  2. Support Groups: Bonding over shared trauma could be a silver lining. Grab your tissues and join support groups. There’s strength in numbers, and shared experiences can bring you one step closer to financial healing.
  3. Financial Therapy: Yes, it’s a thing. A blend of finance and emotions, this therapy focuses on building financial resilience. It’s like your money is lying down on the therapy couch.

Rebuilding Trust

Female Narcissist And Money Control
Female Narcissist And Money Control

After you’ve been financially hoodwinked, trust is like a rare Pokémon, gotta build it carefully!

  1. Know the Financial Red Flags: Keep an eye out for financial manipulation patterns. If it looks like a financial trap and smells like a financial trap, it probably is one.
  2. Rebuilding Relationships with Money: Treat your money like a friend you want to get to know better. Go out on financial dates, talk about your dreams and fears. Who knows, it might just be the start of a beautiful relationship.
  3. Trust But Verify: Build relationships with transparency and open communication about finances. It’s like the anti-virus software for your financial life.

From the ruins of narcissist and money control, a phoenix of financial independence and self-worth shall rise! With a dash of financial planning, a sprinkle of therapy, and a heaping spoonful of trust, you’ll be cooking up a storm of financial recovery in no time. Onwards and upwards! 🚀💸🌟


Dear Wallet Warriors, we’ve reached the end of this journey down the rabbit hole of narcissists and money control. Let’s take a quick pit stop to refuel on the nuggets of wisdom we’ve unearthed.

Recap on Narcissist Lies To Control You through Money

First, let’s run a recap like it’s the season finale of your favorite show.

  1. Financial Gaslighting: Our beloved narcissists have a PhD in Money Gaslighting. They’re like evil wizards, conjuring up financial illusions to make you doubt your money memory.
  2. Financial Dependency: They’ll cling to you like a koala to a eucalyptus tree, ensuring you’re economically entangled and can’t break free.
  3. Withholding Resources: The financial diet you never asked for. They control the cash flow like they are the Iron Bank of Westeros.
  4. Sabotaging Financial Independence: They’ll put roadblocks on your path to financial empowerment like a real-life game of Mario Kart.
  5. Psychological Aspect: It’s not just about the moolah; it’s a mental maze of fear, insecurity, dependency, and dented self-worth.

Final Thoughts and Encouragement

Okay, now for the grand finale!

  1. Knowledge is Power: You’ve just equipped yourself with the knowledge to tackle the financial dominance of a narcissist head-on, like a knight armed with a shiny financial sword and a shield of self-worth.
  2. Empowerment Ahead: Financial independence is not a myth; it’s a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked. Create those financial boundaries like you’re building the Wall in Game of Thrones!
  3. Seek Support, Be Brave: Surround yourself with a legion of supporters. Be the brave gladiator in the arena of financial recovery and independence.
  4. Therapy – Do It!: Don’t underestimate the power of therapy. It’s like a spa day for your emotions.

Let’s wrap this up by saying, you’ve got this! With the right tools, support, and a sprinkle of determination, you can break the chains of financial control and sprint towards a life where your finances are yours and only yours.

So, buckle up, put on that financial warrior armor and charge ahead into a future free from the clutches of narcissist money control. May your budget be strong, your savings grow, and your financial independence flourish! 🎉💪💰


What is Financial Gaslighting in the context of a narcissist?

Financial gaslighting is when a narcissist uses manipulative tactics to make you doubt your own memory or sanity concerning financial matters. They may lie about expenses, hide funds, or deny financial promises to maintain control.

How can I protect myself from a narcissist’s financial control?

Start by establishing financial boundaries and separating shared accounts. Educate yourself about financial matters, and consider seeking legal advice. Build a support system with trusted friends or family, and don’t be afraid to reach out for professional help.

What are some red flags of financial abuse by a narcissist?

If your partner is excessively controlling with money, denies you access to funds, sabotages your job, or coerces you into financial decisions, these are red flags. Emotional manipulation linked to money matters is also a common sign of financial abuse by a narcissist.

Can financial abuse by a narcissist affect mental health?

Absolutely, financial abuse can have severe impacts on mental health. The victim may experience stress, anxiety, depression, and a diminished sense of self-worth due to the economic exploitation and manipulation tactics used by the narcissist.

Is it possible to recover from financial abuse by a narcissist?

Yes, recovery is possible but can be challenging. It requires a combination of financial planning, emotional support, and often therapy or counseling. Establishing financial independence and rebuilding trust in oneself and others is crucial for healing and recovery.

The Narcissist And Money Control 10 Manipulation Techniques


This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for clinical care. Please consult a health care provider for guidance specific to your case.

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